Wiki Way Errata

This page collects typos and other problems found in The WikiWay (first edition, first printing of March 2001). An open version of the list, where you can submit comments, discovered typos and any problem reports, is at and related pages.


Companion CD
all source/text files that are not packed on the disk have in production metamorphosed into Mac format (cr as end of line). To run in Windows, Perl sources must have crlf endings, in Linux lf endings. (This will be corrected in next printing.)
> This can (sometimes) be fixed by simply loading and saving in an appropriate text editor, possibly with global search and replace. Some editors (NoteTab) let you select a particular format DOS/UNIX/MAC, but otherwise save in the same format as the text was originally. We have made a simple PerlConvertEolScript that can run in a harddisk directory holding these files to batch convert all at once. Note: Linux users have the utility "fromdos" to convert cr+lf files to lf files.
truncated filenames on CD
Sadly, the evident post-submission mastering on a Mac truncated all filenames longer than 31 characters, rendering many of the original packed files meaningless (lacking extensions).
INSTMSI.EXE "wrong version OS"
The MSI installer version on the CD turns out to be for NT (USA) only. It is distinguished from the Win9x version only by binary length and the qualifier "Unicode" in the internal version description. Since I grabbed it using an NT system, the MS site never let on that there were any other versions. If you grab the file using a Win9x system, the non-unicode one is what you get.
Quicki script hangs after first GET, or won't save
As noted in the README, the file variants in subfolder Quicki should be used. It turns out that the default selection on the CD was the version for Apache serving.
> In file quicki.txt, after line "do $file;", insert this line to ensure correct serving: $/ = "\n";


page 97, second example
is supposed to be in a proportional font but isn't, making it not illustrative of the point made in the text -- MZ
> This one is so stupid, because clear instructions were given in the original manuscript, and the despite everything resultant error was flagged for correction in both proofing of the copyedit and galley stages. Sometimes you just can't win. -- BoLeuf
page 114, Tip 4.26
styling incorrectly includes last sentence, making paragraph progression confusing. "This leads to" refers back to previous paragraph, not tip body -- BL
page 118, Table 4.3, Escaped block
dropped character, should read "& and < >" -- BL
page 406, transposed ISBN numbers
Learning Perl, and Apache: The Definite Guide
(argh!) page references were clearly not regenerated after a global style change just prior to printing, because they get progressively more out of sync with higher referenced page numbers.

Trival typo/style

page 52, near top
a minor typo "command- line" has extra space -- BL
page 55, confusing styling
"conf files" should not have any special font on "files" -- BL
page 61, copyedit typo
the file is called HOSTS, hence "HOST table" is incorrect -- BL
page 77, Figure 4-1 caption
says ",QuickiWicki" instead of "QuickiWiki" at one point -- MZ
page 117, Table 4-2
"Preformatte" should be "Preformatted" -- MZ
page 117 (and elsewhere)
inconsistencies in leading indent or not after for example bullet lists. -- BL
page 118, comma
prefer colon "...raises the question: If ..." -- BL
page 119, Table 4-4, Page links, styling
"see hyperlinks" incorrectly styled -- BL
Index (page 429) under "QuickiWiki"
subitem "dissecting", has page numbers "216-209" in reverse order (I found the material hard to read backwards! -- MarkZimmermann)


page 62-63, virtual host container
specifier "*" (instead of explicit IP number) should be mentioned and explained -- BL
page 101 unclear
caching discussion less than clear -- "...then displays..." needs better context of when. -- BL


Last edited May 7, 2001
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